Your old Master. How to commune with him, I will teach you.

Everywhere I look and everywhere I go a million other guys be staring and I know that I can be yours and you can be mine i just can’t let you pass me by.

George Lucas and his father & son parallels.

Hi followers~

So, as some of you guys may know me and Kota both HUGE fans of the show Chuck, and we(she, I mean) randomly remembered that our favorite farmboy made an appearance in the last season. So, we have come into contact with that (via my DVD collection) as well as a really awesome bonus clip called “The Force” (via youtube) and we have been debating if we should gif those or not. Would you guys want to see that?

Icon Pack: Leia Organa-Solo

Something new I’m starting because I was bored today and so I’m making icons. Here is an icon pack of Leia Icons for your use. They’re 200x200, but easily resizable. Just pop ‘em into picmonkey, pixlr, photoshop, whatever it is you use and there you go.

If you like the icons, please like the post?(:

There are six total; two from each movie.


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